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Coming Up Soon: Through The Zombie Glass by Gena Showalter

Title: Through The Zombie Glass (White Rabbit Chronicles #2)
Author: Gena Showalter
Release Date: September 24, 2013
Published By: Harlequin Teen


Zombies stalk the night. Forget blood and brains. These monsters hunger for human souls. Sadly, they've got mine...
     Alice Bell has lost so much. Family. Friends. A home. She thought she had nothing else to give. She was wrong.
     After a new zombie attack, strange things begin to happen to her. Mirrors come to life, and the whispers of the dead assault her ears. But the worst? A terrible darkness blooms inside her, urging her to do very wicked things.
     She's never needed her team of zombie slayers more, but ultra bad-boy Cole Holland, the leader and her boyfriend, suddenly withdraws from her...from everyone. Now, with her best friend Kat at her side, Ali must kill the zombies, uncover Cole's secret and learn to fight the darkness.
     But the clock is ticking...and if she fails at a single task, they're all doomed.

Gena Showalter
Gena Showalter

Gena Showalter is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of over thirty books in paranormal and contemporary romances, as well as young adult novels. Her series include White Rabbit Chronicles, Angels of the Dark, Otherworld Assassins, Lords of the Underworld, Alien Huntress and Intertwined.

Her novels have appeared in Cosmopolitan Magazine, and Seventeen Magazine, and have been translated all over the world. The critics have called her books "sizzling page-turners" and "utterly spellbinding stories", while Showalter herself has been called “a star on the rise”. 
You can pre-order your copy at:
Amazon * Kindle * Barnes * Nook * 
Now make sure to head over to Gena's Page and spread the love for a chance to win 1 of 5 ARCs of Through The Zombie Glass!

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Review: Origin (Lux #4) by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Origin (Lux, #4)
Title: Origin (Lux #4)
Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
Release date: August 27th 2013
Publisher: Entangled Teen
Genre: Young Adult Science Fiction
Goodreads Synopsis:
Daemon will do anything to get Katy back.

After the successful but disastrous raid on Mount Weather, he’s facing the impossible. Katy is gone. Taken. Everything becomes about finding her. Taking out anyone who stands in his way? Done. Burning down the whole world to save her? Gladly. Exposing his alien race to the world? With pleasure.

All Katy can do is survive.

Surrounded by enemies, the only way she can come out of this is to adapt. After all, there are sides of Daedalus that don’t seem entirely crazy, but the group’s goals are frightening and the truths they speak even more disturbing. Who are the real bad guys? Daedalus? Mankind? Or the Luxen?

Together, they can face anything.

But the most dangerous foe has been there all along, and when the truths are exposed and the lies come crumbling down, which side will Daemon and Katy be standing on?

And will they even be together?

Ramblings of a Mad Person:


What the-?? How the-??? WOW.

Yes, that's pretty much all I can say at this point.

I just finished reading Origin, like 60 seconds ago, and WOWZERZ. I don't even know what to say. Normally talkative me has been stunned speechless- it was THAT good.

Where do I start with this review? I'm afraid I'm gonna fangirl more than I've ever fangirled before.

So after being left with that cruel, cruel cliff-hanger in Opal, we jump right into the world of Origin where Kat has been captured by the Daedalus and Daemon will go to any and all lengths to get her back. No mountain's too big, no river's too wide, and no other life is as precious as his Kitten's.

Origin is written in dual POV so we're fortunate enough to see the inner workings of Daemon Black's mind (and those sure are some fiiine workings *wink wink*).

I found myself sitting on the edge throughout the length of the story. It's a good thing I'm not plagued with the habit of biting my nails, or I'm sure I would have none left- toes included (as gross as that sounds). Each and every moment was so intense it was practically impossible to put the book down and consider sleeping, eating, or answering nature's call. What? Too much information? Well don't blame me- I'm suffering from the most epic book hangover ever.

Anyway, we see Katy, strong as ever, endure torture and attempts of brainwashing at the hands of the Daedalus, and still manage to retain her sanity while Daemon plots and plans to get her back.

While she's there, we get to see exactly how messed up in the head these people are, and the worst part is that they actually believe their actions serve a higher purpose, but, alas, their desire to do 'good' has pushed all morals and ethics to the backburner, and resulted in a situation that's so messed up it's not even funny.

Now I'm trying to contain my enthusiasm and keep this review spoiler free, but its one heck of an endeavor and I'm too emotionally spent to be able to string words together to form meaningful sentences, so I'm going to stop trying to type with a lack of a brain-to-fingers filter, but before I do so, I'm going to warn you- just rainbows, sunshine, and puppies (or in this case, kittens) do not an awesome story make. There are no definite tones of black and white, just many shades of grey. There's betrayal, there's torture, and there's death (JLA really didn't hold back on this one), but then there's also love, family, and healing.

But don't just take my word for it, go check it out yourself. Despite all the reviews you have or you will read about Origin, nothing will or can prepare you for the actual thing (at least not without revealing major spoilers). So expect the unexpected, and all that sort of stuff and prepare yourself to the best of your abilities for tons of 'aww-ing' and loads of gasping.

5 Extra-terrestrial, kitten-loving, Daemon-Invasion, This-Sentence-Officially-Doesn't-Make-Any-Sense, Stars! 
*I know you might have noticed a lack of gifs and pictures for this one, and that's because I've become a bit paranoid since I learned a whole bunch of bloggers are being sued because of copyright issues... not that my blog has enough visitors to be even appear on the radar, but still. Better safe than sorry, and anyway, I'd hate to steal and discredit anyone else's work. So bear with me for now while I work on alternative options. And no, its not rocket science; I'm just a lazy person- but I'll get around to it... eventually*
Happy Reading peeps!

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Cover Reveal: Betraying Innocence by Airicka Phoenix

Author: Airicka Phoenix
Publisher: Fire & Ash Publishing
Release date: Oct 31, 2013
Genre: Young Adult, Horror Romance

Warnings: Language.
Formats: ebook, paperback

Betraying Innocence Synopsis:
Roseanna - Ana - French was happy with her life. Sure she had to move to a strange new town and live in a creepy new house that had inexplicable cold spots, but she could live with that. What she couldn’t deal with was the relentless tapping inside the walls at night, the sinister shadows in the halls or the spirit crawling its way beneath her skin.

Author Bio
Airicka Phoenix is the best-selling author of The Touch Saga, Games of Fire, Octavian's Undoing & The Lost Girl Series with short stories in Whispered Beginnings: A Clever Fiction Anthology and Midnight Surrender Anthology. She also writes adult paranormal & contemporary romance under her alter ego, Morgana Phoenix.

For more about Airicka, also on how to win giveaways, read author interviews and reviews, visit her website at:

Social Networks:

Twitter (@AirickaPhoenix) -!/AirickaPhoenix


Other Novels:

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Review: Shark Bait (Grab Your Pole #1) by Jenn Cooksey

Can I give this six stars?

No seriously, can I? I think that should be an option- especially for this fun, FUN read by Jenn Cooksey.

Jenn Cooksey, you have yourself a new (and most likely life-long) fan.

I have a feeling I'm going to do a lot of gushing and blabbering in this review so just bear with me my dears.

Now I have to say I'd heard a lot of praise about the Grab Your Pole series, but for some absurd reason I was very apprehensive about picking it up- despite the reviews and quotes I'd read. *smacks self upside the head*

So after browsing through tons of books online, and in the library, I came to the most important question of my life, "What do I read next?"

Now you see I'm the sort of person who gets really invested in books and after the first few pages of any book I totally forget where I end and where the protagonist starts. Due to this little book-nerd problem of mine, I've spent many nights crying my heart out over some fictional character or the other and going to school the next day looking like something that's been dragged from the depths of hell. Yep, you guessed it- Red nose, pale cheeks, and swollen eyes does not a pretty Shubhi make.

Then one day my poor battered heart decided it couldn't take any more, and since then I've been doing my best to stick to happy, cheerful, funny, inspirational, light and HEA books. Except with all these NA titles with tortured heroes in need of a saving being released each month, I do find myself crumbling and giving in to the temptation...

Damn it. I'm getting distracted again. Where was I? *Scans through what's been typed so far* Ah yes,
so as I was saying, I was looking for my next funny-as-hell book, when I found myself reading another review of Shark Bait and I peer-pressured myself (is that even possible?) into being a man and finally getting around to reading it.

And boy am I glad I listened to myself.

Shark Bait had me laughing along from the first page. It was hi-lay-ree-ous! I really appreciated the fact that while Camie, who was attending school for the first time after being homeschooled her entire life, wanted to fit in and make friends, she wasn't willing to do that at the cost of losing herself. I found myself snorting with laughter when she initially referred to Tristan as 'MY Tristan' despite the fact that she hadn't even talked to him yet, and for all she knew, he couldn't have cared less about her.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that I adored all of Camie's friends too- even 'Dear Jeff' and his impeccable timing.

Speaking of Camie's friends, if you combined Lonely Pete's and Kate's personality, you would get me. I'm not even kidding. As hard it is to imagine such a combination could exist, I must break it to you- it does. I've got Kate's people-reading skills and Pete's ghost-like persona.

Back to the topic at hand, I have to say I found myself wanting to push Camie aside and run for the president of the We Hate Teresa Club, I mean what was up with that chica? But I guess there's always that one person in every story and every high school who just wont take a hint and learn when to shut it.

Enough about Teresa now, lets move on to Tristan. Now I loved Tristan, I really did, which is exactly why I wanted to b*tch-slap him for the licorice incident. I mean, COME ON! Not cool buddy, not cool- I almost had another bawl-my-eyes-out episode, but luckily it didn't reach that point. So while he did tick me off, I got over it soon enough because anyone with (or without) a pair of eyes could see that he truly cared for Camie and he was making an effort. Besides, it helped that he was completely adorable and not too hard on the eyes.

 Btw, did I mention I think Jillian is pretty badass? Well she is! *I wanna be like her when I grow up!* *Too late for that maybe*

Now I can go on and on about how much I enjoyed this book and how I wish Jenn was my best buddy so I could get a little more insight about what goes on inside her and the characters' heads and all that sort of good stuff, but I have a feeling that would sound just plain stalker-ish and creepy- another side effect of being a bookworm (we spend so much time with fictional people, we no longer know the etiquettes that apply to dealing with real people).
So I'm going to stop babbling now and tell you, nay, peer-pressure you to read Shark Bait if you haven't already done so, and while you're at it keep a lookout for Phineas and Ferb, and The Wall of Infamy too.

Trust me, you'll be glad you did.

 Happy reading folks!

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'Watercolor' revealed! And a 'Dragonfly' 99-cent #SALE-ebration!

In Dragonfly, they were friends who shared a growing attraction...
In Undertow, her heart was broken and he was waiting to pick up the pieces...
In Watercolor, Anna & Julian say Yes. But the past and its secrets are creeping closer...
Book #3 in the Dragonfly series: Watercolor, coming Oct. 3!  Need to catch up? Get Dragonfly for only #99CENTS, Aug. 21-25!

Watercolor by Leigh Talbert Moore Finishing senior year is supposed to be the best time in a person’s life. Finishing senior year as Julian’s girlfriend should’ve been the icing on the cake. Knowing the secret that could change everything for him is the only thing threatening to spoil it all.  Until Jack returns. Anna and Julian are together at last, and it’s as hot and happy as they knew it would be. The only problem is The Secret. And Jack. But while Anna is determined to fight for the guy she loves, she could still lose Julian when he discovers the truth she’s been helping to hide.
Exclusive excerpt: “I just want you to touch me.”  I took his hand and put it at my waist, under my shirt. I pressed my mouth to his and chills followed as his fingers slid lightly over my skin. I was drowning again and I reached over to find the edge of his jeans. I pulled up the soft fabric and lightly touched his bare stomach.  Suddenly he was gone. My lips were still in a pucker, and he was down at the water away from me. I watched as he stripped off his t-shirt and slipped out of his jeans before diving into the dark Gulf waters.  I fell forward, laying my head on my forearm in the sand. “I’m going to kill your parents,” I sighed.
* * *
Readers are swooning for Dragonfly (#1):
"I was so thrilled with the way Leigh T. Moore wrote this! I actually threw up my hands and said YES!" --Asheley Tart, Into the Hall of Books
"I truly enjoyed this one! I thought the characters were intriguing, the mystery and story were interesting and definitely have ME WANTING MORE!!!!!!!" --Mandy, The Romance Bookie
"Angst, longing, jealousy, mystery, secrets, love triangles, sexy scenes! Could you even ask for more? Well you can because it is also very well written and fast paced. ...I STRONGLY suggest you invest in some sunscreen as well as a copy of Dragonfly." --Nichole, Book Addicts Not So Anonymous
Now only 99 cents, 8/21-25!  Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iTunes | Kobo
Raving about Undertow (#2):
"An incredibly powerful sequel to Dragonfly. I found myself riveted to the last page by the depth of feeling, loss, tragedy, and love in this gorgeously woven story. This is a definite must-read." --Jolene Perry, author of Out of Play
"Undertow pulled me under and left me gasping for air and wanting so much more. I couldn’t stop thinking about these characters, and now I’ll never be able to get a shirtless Bill Kyser out of my head."  --Magan Vernon, bestselling author of The Only Exception "My heart shattered into a million tiny pieces, rebuilt itself and then melted over and over again with each flip of the page." --Roxy Kade Reviews
Pick up your copy today and get swept away~

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Cover Reveal: Trust In Me by Jennifer L. Armentrout

 Available October 22nd, 2013
 It’s Wait for You as you’ve never seen it. Trust in Me lets you in on Cam’s side of the #1 New York Times Bestselling story.
Cameron Hamilton is used to getting what he wants, especially when it comes to women. But when Avery Morgansten comes crashing into his life – literally – he finally meets the one person who can resist his soulful baby blues. But Cam’s not ready to give up. He can’t get the feisty and intriguing girl out of his head.
Avery has secrets, secrets that keep her from admitting the feelings Cam knows she has for him. Will persistence (and some delicious homemade cookies) help him break down her barriers and gain her trust? Or will he be shut out of Avery's life, losing his first real shot at the kind of love that lasts forever?
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Image Map
Wait For You blew me away with Cam's sweetness, and now that we actually have Trust In Me- THE ENTIRE BOOK IN CAM'S POV? Um, yes please! I'm really looking forward to it! *Rubs hands with glee* *Cackles* *Gets carried away* *Forgets original point* Anywho, what scenes do you most want to read from Cam's POV?

*P.S- Don't forget to add Trust In Me on Goodreads-

- Shubhz

Teaser: Smash Into You by Shelly Crane

Hello Dear Earthlings!

I have something special for you today. What is it you ask?

Well if you read the title of this post you wouldn't be asking me that. But I'll take mercy and tell you nonetheless.

Today I'll be sharing a teaser from Shelly Crane's new release- Smash Into You.

Before we get to the yummy parts, lets take a look at the cover and blurb shall we?

Smash Into You
Jude has spent the whole twenty one years of his life running. From what, he wasn't quite sure. His mother tried to keep him safe; a low profile, a constant move on the horizon, a week's pay always stashed away. She tried to instill in him that he was special somehow, though would never elaborate. He never felt different. He was so completely normal and vanilla that he wondered if it had all been in her head. But then she was murdered and all he saw was a running silhouette of a man as his mother said three final words to him. Three words that changed his whole being.

Never stop running…

Now he's semi-settled into a big town. The college is huge and easy to blend into. It's been three months since he had to move because 'Biloxi', as he calls the man who killed his mother, found him once more.

Then Marley, an eighteen year old girl who is as infuriating as she is blissfully ignorant of her gorgeousness, smashes into his car with hers. Then smashes into his life as he realizes that whatever it is he has that Biloxi wants, she has it, too. And now, they're after them both.
And now... *Cue the drumrolls*... it's time... for...
Oh wait, wrong post.
Lets try that again.
It's time for a little Jude and Marley goodness-
I poured shampoo in my hand and waited for her to turn back around. She did with a little smile, wrapping her arm around my leg. I washed and massaged her head and scalp for so long my own hands were pruny. She moaned with her eyes closed as she rubbed my leg up and down.
"Better?" I asked, moving and rubbing down to her shoulders.
"Yes. Thank you," she groaned. She moved her hand down to my ankle. "You have sexy feet."...

I snickered. "Uh…OK."
"I'm serious. You don't believe me?" She smiled, turning a little. "Don't ever wear flip-flops. You'll cause a riot."

And the author behind all that yumminess-

Shelly Crane

Shelly Crane

Shelly is a New York Times & USA Today Bestselling author from a small town in Georgia and loves everything about the south. She is wife to a fantastical husband and stay at home mom to two boisterous and mischievous boys who keep her on her toes. They currently reside in everywhere USA as they happily travel all over with her husband's job. She loves to spend time with her family, binge on candy corn, go out to eat at new restaurants, buy paperbacks at little bookstores, site see in the new areas they travel to, listen to music everywhere and also LOVES to read.
Her own books happen by accident and she revels in the writing and imagination process. She doesn't go anywhere without her notepad for fear of an idea creeping up and not being able to write it down immediately, even in the middle of the night, where her best ideas are born.

Be sure to get your copy people if you haven't already. I know I will. I mean seriously? Have you seen that cover? It's B.U.TEA.FUL. And I have a sneaky feeling that Jude is going to join my ever-growing list of book boyfriends.

Here I'll make your life slightly easier and give you the direct link so you can buy it from Amazon (or any other place for that matter, Amazon is just the one open on my browser right now) and add it on Goodreads. You're welcome :)



Hope you have a fun time reading Smash Into You!

Where Would Reyna Send You?

Well hello there... you come here often?
Moving on.

So now we're at ATOTC Challenge Week 3! (Yes I'm aware I missed the second week's challenge; I know how to count, thank you very much)

The theme for this challenge, as the title suggests, is time travel. What? You thought Reyna was my travel agent and she was actually whisking me away to some previously undiscovered island? I wish. No my dear, you're close but not exactly. You see Reyna happens to be gypsy. A very fairy-godmother-like gypsy, but gypsy nonetheless. Make more sense now? No? Well then I suggest you read A Tale of Two Centuries by Rachel Harris, but do make sure to read My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century before that or you'd be as confused as I was.

Now back to the topic at hand. Where would I go if I had my very own handy-dandy gypsy?

Well Ancient  Egypt of course!

I've been fascinated with Ancient Egypt for as long as I can remember. I've spent hours reading about mummies, pharaohs, pyramids, and super cool ancient Egyptian traditions. It's been a life-long dream of mine to visit Egypt, and I will... someday. But hey if Reyna wanted to send me to Ancient Egypt and lead me straight into the arms of a cute pharaoh, well who would I be to stop her? I'd just go along with her plans like the obedient little girl I am *snickers*.
But that isn't the only time period I would want to visit. I would really want to visit 16th or 17th century India. Why? Well because if my grandfather is to be believed, that's probably around the time when one of my ancestors fought against the king of what is part of modern day Bihar, and won too. Hence he was crowned ruler. Apparently our last name used to be Bharadwaj, but when XYZ (lets call him that since I can't remember his name) conquered the kingdom, he changed his surname to match the surname of the majority of the people of his kingdom, which happened to be, and still happens to be Singh. Once the era of kings faded away, we became land owners. Does that mean I have royal blood in my veins? Yes-
 Lol, kidding. Honestly? I don't know. I mean I definitely believe parts of this story because I remember visiting my dad's hometown and being treated like royalty. It's like everyone knew who we were, I didn't have to pay for most the items I purchased (now that was cool), and yes, almost EVERYONE'S last name was Singh. Furthermore my grandfather said-
Okay so he didn't exactly say that, but what he said was, "As far as the eye can see in each direction, and even beyond, that land belongs to us." I swear it was a total Lion King moment, and I would have suspected him of quoting Mufasa if I didn't know that my grandfather hasn't seen Lion King, or any Disney movie for that matter.
So I think it would be cool to be sent to said time period so I could witness all of that for myself and determine whether my grandfather was being genuine or just pulling my leg, like the time all the adults told me there was treasure hidden somewhere in the family house and that generation after generation of people kept trying to find it but always failed. Yes you can imagine how excited I was when I heard that- I spent days and nights and any time in between looking for that darned treasure. Fear not my friends- I haven' given up yet; I'll let you know the day I find it. And find it I shall.
Anyway, for all I know I'm being punk'd by my grandfather... now there's a story to tell...but if I'm not being punk'd then I'd sure as hell want to experience the life of a princess... or a prince. Whichever; I'm not picky.
So that was my post about where I'd like Reyna to send me. Where would you like to be whisked away to?

- Princess Shubhi ;)

Monday, 12 August 2013

Cover Reveal- Daughter of Isis by Kelsey Ketch

Hello my lovelies! So what do we have here today? Ah well lets see. Hmm... seems to me we have a cover reveal due today. Today happens to be the official release day of 'Daughter of Isis' by Kelsey Ketch, so here ya go-
Daughter of Isis (Descendants of Isis, #1)
Release Date: 10/26/13
Cover Designed by: Steven Novak
 Summary from Goodreads:
“Her mouth parted slightly, waiting for Seth to breathe life into her own body, just like in the story. She wanted him to awaken her senses.”
 Their worlds collide in California’s high desert.
The last thing Natara “Natti” Stone wants to do is to start anew at Setemple High School. She wished she had never left London. Yet the brutal murder of her maternal grandmother has made her life very complicated. The only clue related to her murder is an ancient, encrypted necklace Natti discovered after her grandmother’s death. And if trying to adjust to American life is not enough, Natti is being stalked by a mysterious, charming high school senior, Seth O’Keefe, who is annoyingly persistent in his attempts at seduction.
Seth O’Keefe is secretly a member of the Sons of Set, an order that worships the Egyptian god of chaos. Seth’s blessing from Set, his “charm,” never failed, except with one person: Natti Stone. Her ability to elude him infatuates and infuriates him, and he becomes obsessed with the chase. But the closer he gets to her, the more his emotions take a dangerous turn, and he risks breaking one of the most valued covenants of his order. The punishment for which is a fate worse than death.
The adventure this unlikely couple becomes engulfed in could cost them their lives and their souls.
*Note: Content for Upper YA*
There was a crash and a loud gasping moan. She turned to the door next to her and stepped into the room. Her eyes widened as two entangled bodies jumped in the dark; the light shining from the hall streamed over the couple. She recognized the tall, copper haired upperclassman from the parking lot; the boy who had sent her the enchanting smile. Now he was completely shirtless, his fly clearly unzipped, and a brunette held tight in his arms. The girl glared at Natti. She struggled a little against the boy’s grasp, trying to cover herself with her bra. 

Natti blinked in complete shock. “Okay.” She finally glanced at the empty room. “This is obviously not American Literature.”
“No duh!” the brunette snapped.

The young man smiled and turned to the girl in his arms. The brunette’s cold demeanor melted away once her eyes met his. He stroked her cheek, sending visible shivers through her body. Natti rolled her eyes, ready to gag.

“Now, now, Charlotte.” The honey-sweet voice made Natti freeze when she was just turning to leave. It gave her a dizzy feeling; a fog creeping at the back of her mind. “We shouldn’t be rude to our guest.” The boy’s eyes traveled Natti’s curves again. His grin widened. “Perhaps she’d like to join us. Maybe we can all get to know each other a little better.”
He motioned Natti to come inside. She unconsciously took a step forward; a strange force compelled her to join them. Her hands were reaching to pull her shirt off. It was as if she was no longer in control.

What the hell . . . ? Natti shook her head, finding the strength to resist through a familiar heavy sensation that rested against her chest. It was one she often got when someone lied to her. She was born with it. A gift, her grandmother called it, which could tell her when something wasn’t right. And as much as her body suddenly wanted to be next to the boy, feeling the skin of his lean, muscular chest, her gift was telling her something was off. His intentions were not pure.
She lowered her hands to her side, taking a step back into the hall. “Sorry.” She shook her head. “I don’t do threesomes.”
 About the Author
During her high school years, Kelsey Ketch could always be found tucked away in a little corner of the hall or classroom, writing her fantasy worlds and creating illustrations and maps. Today is no different, except now she’s writing in the break room at her office building or at the tables of the Barnes and Noble CafĂ© in Cary, North Carolina. She is also an avid reader, a part-time book blogger at Ketch’s Book Nook, and lives with her two orange tabbies and awesome and humorous flat-mate. Daughter of Isis is her debut novel.
For more information, please visit her site at
***Author Links***
 Cover Reveal Organized by:
Daughter of Isis sure seems like an interesting read. Looking forward to October 26 ^_^


Bloodlines by Richelle Mead Covenant by Jennifer L. Armentrout Darkest Powers by Kelley Armstrong Fallen by Lauren Kate Halo by Alexandra Adornetto Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare Iron Fey by Julie Kagawa Matched by Ally Condie The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare Personal Demons by Lisa Desrochers Shade by Jeri Smith-Ready Soul Screamers by Rachel Vincent Theatre Illuminata by Lisa Mantchev The Tiger Saga  by Colleen Houck Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead The Violet Eden Chapters by Jessica Shirvington Wings by Aprilynne Pike Wondrous Strange by Lesley Livingston
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